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Shifting Sands

Empire Rising

A D&D 4th Edition Campaign


Shifting Sands is a vast desert world. Poor in metals, rich in danger. Large nations have not existed… Until now. The Kingdom of Kilammar was, a few generations ago, nothing more than a loose affiliation of tribes. Now, they seek to create a more ordered world. A world where all will join their resources and make a better life for everyone.


Generations ago, little united the people of Ki. Tribes would eventually gather and form clans. Clans founded cities and the cities established trade routes and a merchant class. Still few many trips outside of their lands because of the danger that surrounded them. Merchants could live a rich life, but it was dangerous.

For mutual protection a few communities formed city-states. But alliances were fluid. As legends go, a young shepard named Kishar led his tribe to an oasis he found. Soon a city was built, Kilammar. Tribes from the surrounding area came to pay tribute to the tribal leader. They too wanted to be part of this thriving community.

Soon surrounding lands joined under a single leader. This was no city-state with a bureaucracy to fall apart. This was a kingdom with a single strong leader. Eventually, King Kishar saw the chaos around his lands. He knew he must bring his kingdom’s prosperity to all others. The king decreed that he must build an empire and that he will henceforth be called Enki, Lord of Ki.

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